Harley Owners Group Member Entry

Harley Owners Group

We are proud to be the official campground of Harley Owners Group. As a H.O.G. member, you are entitled to special perks and benefits at Pappy Hoel Campground and Full Throttle Saloon during this year's rally, including:
  • A 10% discount (with promo code HOG) on Pappy Hoel Campground wristbands, which grant admission to all concerts, events and entertainment at the Full Throttle Saloon/Pappy Hoel Campground; Additionally, wristbands qualify H.O.G. members for:
    • Daily random drawings for prizes and premiums, exclusive to H.O.G. members;
    • Discounts with select on-site vendors on the Full Throttle Saloon/Pappy Hoel Campground property, exclusive to H.O.G. members;
    • Discounts at the H.O.G. bar;
  • All H.O.G. members attending the rally will be invited to the official H.O.G. welcome party at the Pappy Hoel Campground Pool, featuring live entertainment, drink specials, prize raffles and more. Additional details to be announced on pappyhoelcampground.com soon.
  • An invitation to join the 18th annual Pappy Hoel Charity Motorcycle Ride.
  • More to be announced soon! 

**DON'T FORGET! Use promo code HOG at checkout to apply the discount to your wristbands!**


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